Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

DIBI Milano "Beauty in a method” is part of the portfolio of prestigious hair and skincare brands created by the ALFAPARF Group, Italy’s largest and most successful skincare company.

The cutting-edge technology combines creativity, science, and innovation, and strives to deliver excellence.

With over 40 years’ experience at the leading edge of dermo-cosmetic research and innovation, DIBI Milano offers a full range of clinically proven, cosmeceutical treatments, formulated according to its 7-star beauty method.

The results driven DIBI range uses a synergy of active ingredients in every formulation to ensure fast, safe, and reliable results.

What is the difference?

Spa products tend to only treat the very top layer of your skin, the epidermis. This layer is very tough and protects your skin from the environment.

Although any spa treatments using these products will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated sometimes you just want a little more for your skin. This is where cosmeceuticals come in to give you those long-term changes to your skin.  DIBI Milano uses a multi-level cosmetic technology capable of acting on two levels: prevention and performance.

Prevention Cellular Capital

A cell protection peptide is wrapped in Hyaluronic Acid using next generation technology that is exclusive to the DIBI laboratories.

Performance Complex

The perfect complex of functional Active Ingredients targeted to contrast the specific skincare concern, utilised in every single DIBI product for maximum performance.
DIBI Milano Facial Treatments

DIBI’s clinically proven cosmeceutical facial treatments will start you on your skincare journey instantly leaving you with hydrated, plump and radiant skin, your journey will continue with a clear skincare regime to use at home.

Each treatment begins with a thorough skin consultation to ensure the product range that is best suited for your skin type is chosen.  Your therapist will talk you through any skin concerns, and then it is time to relax with the DIBI welcome touch and let the DIBI products work their magic! 

For the ultimate results for your skin, you may choose the DIBI Milano Advanced facial which includes the application of serums and creams using an electrical micro current which assists with the penetration of the functional active ingredients and ultimately enhances the effectiveness of any treatment.

DIBI Milano Skin Analysis Consultation                                                              £30.00  30mins

Always wondered what skin type you have or how to treat dryness or acne issues? Even to understand how you can slow down the facial effects of ageing?

This unique, non-invasive technology looks deep underneath the surface layers of your skin. The skin analyser, powered by an iPad, captures high-resolution images that contribute to an in-depth report of your skin’s condition and how best you can look after it, especially if you have specific concerns around sensitivity, pigmentation, wrinkles, or acne.

Once the pain-free machine has generated your completely personalised report, your therapist will then talk you through how you could improve your skincare routine and advise you on any recommended DIBI Milano cosmeceutical facial treatments and products available in salon.  The consultation fee can be redeemed against a course of facial treatments or any 2 DIBI Milano skincare products.

DIBI Milano Face Perfection Facial                                                                         £55.00  40mins

Suitable for all skin types and a perfect introduction facial to DIBI Milano skincare.  This treatment deeply cleanses to reactivate the skin structure and ensure complete exfoliation.  For skin that feels smooth and renewed deep down.

DIBI Milano Facial                                                                                                       £75.00  50mins

Facial treatment bespoke to your skin concerns, choosing from Calm perfection, Hydra Perfection or Pure Equalizer, all are deeply cleansing using active ingredients to suit your skin.  Along with being a deeply relaxing experience great for the mind and soul.

DIBI Milano Acid Infusion Peel                                                                                 £80.00  50mins

A multi-faceted facial strategy that acts by normalising the renewal of the epidermis, stimulation skin tissue renewal and fighting the signs of chrono and photo-ageing.  Resulting in skins that is more radiant with pigmentation improved.

DIBI Milano Advanced Facial                                                                                    £95.00  60mins

Luxury facial bespoke to your skin concerns in particular ageing, sensitivity, pigmentation, and hydration.  Each facial includes the application of serums and creams using an electrical micro current which assists with the penetration of the functional active ingredients and ultimately enhances the effectiveness of any treatment.  This is a deeply relaxing facial with enhanced skin results.