Hair Technical

All prices listed below are ‘from’ and should be used as a guide only, our tiers of Stylists from New Talent to Colour Specialist reflect their level of experience and provide a price to suit all budgets.  Please book a colour consultation for a custom price quotation.  We include the Metal Detox treatment in all colour services.


Maintenance root touch-up or refresh and enhance your full head colour, our stylists are fully trained and will use a combination of techniques to achieve the look you want, using L’Oréal colour.  The permanent colour can banish those greys, Inoa will give your scalp extra comfort and is ammonia-free or the gloss to enhance and change the tone, all adding shine and condition to your hair.

Full head colour 

Full head colour Inoa

Root colour 

Root colour Inoa


Everyone loves a classic highlight, from enhancing the hairline and parting to a ultimate full head, your stylist will talk you through the technique that will give you the result you want, add highlights or low-lights throughout your hair with foil.

Ultimate highlights 

Full head highlights 

Half head highlights 

T-section highlights


Balayage can be show-stopping or natural and sun kissed, our stylists can create a contrast or subtle with a rootier finish.  Work with your natural colour or go the whole way and have an amazing transformation, adding tones and reflects to your luscious locks.  The amazing Innoluxe and Metal Detox treatments are included in this service.  This is a bespoke service which requires a consultation prior to your appointment.

Ultimate Balayage 


Balayage refresh 

Root colour & lights

Root colour & lights Inoa

uses expert placement to enhance and personalise your hair with some foil and a full head colour, giving you the ultimate finish.

Pre-lightener is your global blonde, its high maintenance but worth it for that WOW factor, your stylist can advise you on the best way to achieve this look.  The amazing Innoluxe and Metal Detox treatments are included in this service.

   New Talent Prices From  Technician Prices From  Senior Technician Prices From  Colour Specialist Prices From
 Full Head Colour  £58.00  £63.00  £68.00  £73.00
 Full Head Colour Inoa  £61.00  £66.00  £71.00  £76.00
 Root Colour  £49.00  £54.00  £59.00  £64.00
 Root Colour Inoa  £54.00  £59.00  £64.00 £69.00 
 Root Colour & Lights  £71.00  £76.00  £81.00  £86.00
 Root Colour & Lights Inoa  £76.00  £81.00  £86.00  £91.00
 Ultimate Highlights  £97.00  £102.00  £107.00  £114.00
 Full Head Highlights  £85.00  £90.00  £95.00  £102.00
 Half Head Highlights  £74.00  £79.00  £84.00  £91.00
 T-Section Highlights  £64.00  £69.00  £74.00  £81.00
 Ultimate Balayage  £120.00  £130.00  £140.00  £150.00
 Balayage  £95.00  £100.00  £105.00  £110.00
 Balayage Refresh  £56.00  £60.00  £64.00  £68.00
 Pre-Lightener (up to 6 weeks)  £86.00  £90.00  £96.00  £100.00
 Colour Correction  On Quotation  On Quotation  On Quotation  On Quotation
 Crazy Colour  £34.00  £34.00  £34.00  £34.00
 Toner  £24.00   £24.00   £24.00   £24.00
 Innoluxe   £24.00   £24.00   £24.00   £24.00
 Conditioning Treatment  £15.00  £15.00  £15.00  £15.00
 Long / Thick Hair Supplement
(Extra 15 mins)
 £15.00  £15.00  £15.00  £15.00
 Colour Supplement  £12.00  £12.00  £12.00  £12.00

When having your colour treatment and a cut and blow-dry, book in for a nail shape and polish for £18.00.

Not happy with the colour of your hair? Looking for a change? Our Colour Correction service is a bespoke journey for you, we offer you an in-depth consultation and a plan to get you to your desired result and caring for the condition of your hair.  Book in for a complimentary consultation with your stylist to find out more.

Want to add something different to your hair, with a soft pink or electric purple.  Crazy Colour offers a bespoke and personal colourful result and with the expertise of your stylist they can give an amazing colourful finish.

A Toner will refresh, neutralise any unwanted tones and give depth gloss and shine to enhance your look.  A great top-up in between your colour services.

Innoluxe is a treatment that means stronger, healthier hair with longer lasting colour, this is recommended for all colour services by our stylists and can simply be added to your colour, rebuilding the hair at the same time as colouring and maintaining the condition.  We can do this treatment all by itself as well, so have a chat with your stylist.  Healthy hair is happy hair.

Metal Detox is simple but fool proof and a must with any colour service to keep the hair and colour looking and feeling the best for longer, which is now included in all our technical services.

Allergy Alert Test

This applies to any colour service, an allergy can develop at any time, so it is possible to have an allergic reaction even if you have not had one in the past.  We require a simple allergy alert test 48 hrs before your appointment and a simple questionnaire to be filled out.  An allergy alert test will need to be done on a 6-monthly basis.

All our technical services include the Metal Detox treatment and our Balayage and pre-lightener services include both the Innoluxe and metal detox treatments.  Our technical service prices do not include a cut and blow-dry. We offer a complimentary dry after your colour service, which includes minimal styling but leaving you presentable.

A £25 deposit will be taken at booking for Ultimate and full highlights, Balayage and Colour Correction services.