Using specially blended essential oils our massage treatments aim to relax and alleviate muscular tension and stress.  Following a consultation with your therapist all massage treatments will be adapted to your muscular needs, whether you need relaxation with a lighter pressure or a deep tissue with a firmer pressure to stimulate the muscles.

Massage 30 minute  £31.00
Massage 40 minute  £41.00                                       
Massage 50 minute  £51.00
Massage 70 minute  £64.00

Hot Stones massage 30 minutes £41.00
Hot Stones massage 50 minutes £61.00

Hot stones massage is a deep massage using warm basalt stones to relax achy muscles, ease tension and boost circulation.

Pregnancy Massage

Using pregnancy safe massage oils to relax and alleviate muscular tension and stress.  All massage treatments are tailored to your individual needs.
Pregnancy treatments cannot be performed during the first trimester.

Pregnancy massage 30 minutes    £31.00
Pregnancy massage 40 minutes    £41.00
Pregnancy massage 50 minutes £51.00

Indian head massage £30.00 25mins

This treatment concentrates on massaging the head, neck and shoulders to restore balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. A firm but gentle massage will release blockages and so relieve the side effects of stress such as headaches and migraine.

Reflexology £51.00 50mins

Reflexology is a unique method of using thumb and fingers on reflex areas in the feet, which correspond with glands, organs, and nerves within the body. This action encourages the body to relax completely enabling it to repair and heal itself. Reflexology helps to rebalance the whole body, reduce stress, and induce deep relaxation, improve circulation and cleanse the body of toxins and impurities.

Aroma-reflex £51.00 50mins
Combining a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage with Reflexology to relive tension and reduce stress